Best Tactical Flashlights

There are a million flashlight needs for self-defence. If you want to look at today’s world, all natural disasters and terrorist threats, you can do it, but the fact is that there is never a time not to have a self-defence flashlight. You can use all these models as a personal defense flashlight, or a stunning flashlight to disorient enemies and make an escape. Having a self-defence flashlight at the bar is just one of those necessities that you should always take into account.

Our review will help you choose the best flashlight for any situation: from a night bike ride to diving underwater.

How to Choose LED Flashlight for Hunting

How to choose LED flashlights for hunting – this question is asked by beginners, and not only users. It is important to understand it in order to choose the right flashlight for yourself.

Without a reliable flashlight it’s hard to imagine the effective hunting at night. The hunting flashlights themselves have different functions, depending on what their purpose is. Some models dazzle game at a distance, others help to see the nearest space around. Others are created to help in the sighting. LED lights for hunting must meet a number of requirements for this type of lighting devices.

For example, they should be waterproof, strong, resistant to damage. They have to withstand shooting recoil. In addition, the LED flashlight for hunting should be easy to operate. Here you can add criteria such as:

  • reliable and long-lasting power supply;
  • reliability of attachment to the weapon;
  • Different modes of illumination.

In this article, let’s talk about how and what the differences between hunting flashlight models are.

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How to Choose LED Flashlight for Hunting

How to Choose a LED Hunting Flashlight

To make the right choice, pay attention to the purpose of the flashlight. It was already mentioned above that different models perform different tasks in practice. It all depends on what purpose the hunter is pursuing by purchasing a particular flashlight.

Types of LED Flashlights for Hunting

At the moment, among the presented models, there are distinguished:

  • tactical options;
  • handheld;
  • headlamps;
  • underbar.

Tactical flashlights, as the name implies, are designed for tactical operations. Hand-held – used manually by the hunter, can be used both to illuminate the path in front of you and to blind your prey. Headlamp – mounted on the head of the user. It can serve the purpose of signaling your whereabouts. But it can also be used for lighting the road directly in front of the user. Underbarrel flashlight – is placed under the barrel of the weapon. Such flashlight performs the function of target illumination – at the moment of aiming it is enough to press the trigger. There is no need to hold the device in your hands for illumination.

Green LED flashlight for hunting makes the beam invisible to the animal. There are filters and other colors. Red, for example, will come in handy during the search for the fowl. The blue color is indistinguishable for birds. White ambient light is ideal for illuminating objects at close range.

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One of the leaders in quality lighting products is now the company Fenix.

Tactical LED flashlights for hunting

Fenix TK35 (2018) Cree XHP35 HI. The multi-purpose piece is perfect for tasks when hunting. It provides users with a brightness of 1300 lumens and a range of 480 meters. Efficient optics, protection from overheating even during active work.

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LED underbarrel flashlights for hunting

Fenix TK16 Cree XM-L2 U2 model – through mounts can be connected to the weapon for hunting operations or other cases. The brightness is up to 1000 lumens and the range is 240 meters. The flashlight is fully protected against moisture and dust and works thanks to the advanced LED Cree XM-L2 U2.

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Handheld compact LED flashlights for hunting

Fenix LD12 XP-G2 R5 (2017) is a compact pocket model. The highest brightness reaches 320 lumens, the range is 135 meters.

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LED headlamps for hunting

Fenix HM50R headlamp has the ability to be used in winter. Reliable, it gives 500 lumens of illumination and a range of 80 meters.

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To summarize, let us note that the choice of a hunting lantern is a responsible business. And the role here plays not only the brand, the purpose of the flashlight, its cost. It is also important to look at how professional the model is. It must be a model with excellent impact resistance, well protected from moisture, damage and with quality and reliable batteries. It should be a lightweight underbarrel flashlight so that it can be easily used with your firearm.

When you’re hunting, your attention is focused on finding and attacking your prey and nothing should distract you from that, so your flashlight should be easy to operate. Start with your individual needs, evaluate whether it is comfortable to hold the model in your hands and switch modes. If you follow these simple rules, you will be able to choose the right LED hunting light for you.


What is the Best Flashlight to Buy

When choosing a flashlight, it is important to decide how long and powerful illumination is required.

Hunters, fishermen or tourists are better to choose powerful models with high-capacity batteries at 2000-3500 mAh. Here are relevant headlamps and tactical types.

For rescue or search operations, flashlights with high range, wide illumination and brightness of 2000 lumens are used. But for those who like camping and secluded nature holidays, a flashlight lamp with 750-900 lumens will be enough.

For household tasks such as cleaning under the couch or walking with the dog, the compact, low-power models that run on AAA or AA batteries will do.

Depending on your needs, you can find flashlights with additional features: protection for use in harsh conditions, different modes of illumination, fast charging.

The Best Headlamps

This is a source of light that is attached to the helmet or directly on the head with special straps. Such models are chosen for active recreation or work, where your hands should be free. The most comfortable, though not the most popular kind of flashlights. Tou can see more headlamps on

#1 Olight Perun CW

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The illuminator with magnetic USB charging comes in a rugged waterproof case. Its light output is 2000 lumens and its range is 120 m. When an obstacle is approaching, the infrared sensor will automatically reduce the brightness of the light.

The 3500 mAh lithium-ion battery charges from the mains and various devices with PowerBank function.

This is a versatile flashlight that can be attached to a backpack using a clip, set on a bike or fix it on any metal surface with a powerful magnet on the end.

The flashlight has five modes switchable with one button, there is also an SOS mode. Olight Perun withstands a fall from a height of 1.5 meters and immersion in water to a depth of 2 meters for 30 minutes. The flashlight can be used even during charging, but on minimum mode.

  • Reflectors on the elastic strap;
  • Compactness;
  • Uniform light;
  • Charge level indicator;
  • Quick-release headband attachment;
  • Multiple modes of operation.
  • In turbo mode, the case gets very hot.

It is an ideal choice for fishing, hunting, tourism, as well as daily use. Megafunctional flashlight.

#2 Led Lenser XEO 19R

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The model has 2,000 lumens and an illumination range of 300 meters. It transforms from a headlamp to a bicycle and handheld flashlight, and can also be strapped around your chest.

The device automatically adjusts light intensity based on your running speed, and a passive heat sink system keeps it from overheating at such high power. The faster the athlete moves, the more efficiently the cooling system works.

Reflector lenses provide uniform illumination, preventing excessive light scattering or narrow focus. The owner can adjust each LED individually for intensity and angle.

  • Powerful light output;
  • Near and far focusing;
  • Universal mount;
  • Charging of cell phone and other gadgets;
  • Lightweight.
  • At maximum power runs for 4 hours.

This model is suitable for active activities at night: hiking, skateboarding, snowboarding and cycling.

#3 Fenix HM65R

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Flashlight with a near and far light source, which has a combined brightness of 1400 lumens. The headband is made of porous material to prevent your head from sweating under the straps.

The all-metal housing makes the device durable, yet lightweight. Flashlight duration is 300 hours, recharged via USB port. The capacity of the included battery is 3500 mAh.

  • Magnesium alloy body;
  • Supports frost-resistant lithium battery;
  • Water-resistant (withstands immersion up to 2 meters);
  • Shock resistance;
  • Low weight.
  • Non-removable mount;
  • Forced downlighting.

This model is suitable for use in harsh environments and can be easily adjusted with just two buttons.

#4 JETBeam HR30 USB

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The JETBeam flashlight provides 6 modes of operation: turbo, eco, low, high, medium and red. It remembers the last use and activates it when you turn it on. The 2600 mAh battery is charged via USB port, and a light indication tells you the charge level.

A removable mount, magnetic back cover, and pocket clip allow you to use the flashlight in a variety of ways. The clip is firm and moderately tight, which enables fastening the flashlight even to clothes.

The anodized finish of the housing protects it from scratches and other damages. The light output is 950 lm and its range is 120 m.

  • Fast charging with Type-C in 3 hours;
  • 160° rotation;
  • Ergonomic headband mount;
  • Durable aluminum alloy housing;
  • Quality tempered glass.
  • Holder is hard to remove;
  • Loud ratchet for fixing the position of the lamp.

This model is made pretty well, and its collapsible design is a definite plus.

Best Handheld Flashlights

These models have a universal purpose and are used in many areas of life. They need to be carried in the hand, although some have additional attachments.

#5 Ferei W156 Kit

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Underwater multifunctional flashlight with red and white light output of 800 lm. Two red LEDs produce a luminous flux of 500 lm. The sealing rings ensure complete sealing of the housing, and allow diving with the device to a depth of 150 m.

Depending on the level of charge the built-in controller changes the brightness of the LED. On medium mode, the W156 runs for 6 hours.

  • Low weight and size;
  • Protection of glass from high pressure;
  • Low charge indication;
  • Aluminum casing;
  • High quality workmanship.
  • Requires special care.

Professional-grade flashlight in a compact case, ideal for diving and other needs.

#6 Led Lenser ML6

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Powerful camping lantern with 750, 550 and 50 lm brightness modes, strobe and SOS signal can also act as a Power Bank and charge gadgets. The battery works well even in freezing temperatures, and the charge indicator allows you to calculate the duration of the device.

The hinge on the body of the flashlight can be hung on a tree, tent or wall, and the fluorescent inserts help find the device in the dark. It comes with a USB charger and a case.

  • USB and micro-USB connectors;
  • Additional red light;
  • 18 LEDs;
  • Power on lock;
  • Works up to 70 hours in economy mode.
  • It takes 5 hours to charge.

This small but quite powerful device will come in handy when camping and on vacation.

#7 Premium KOSAccu9107WUSB

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The spotlight can be operated by an external power supply. It provides up to 420 lm of light and illuminates up to 400 meters. The device will withstand even heavy rain, and 12 V socket allows you to recharge the device from the car onboard network.

  • Powerful 7 watt LED;
  • 10 hours of operation in economy mode;
  • Moisture-resistant housing;
  • Handy handle;
  • Shock-proof housing.
  • Only one light mode.

Pretty versatile flashlight that will come in handy in everyday life, as well as on a trip or hike.

Best Tactical Flashlights

Such flashlights are used in conjunction with weapons. But their functionality and high level of protection allows the use of tactical models and for “peaceful purposes” – for example, in multi-day hikes.

#8 Armytek Partner C2 Pro v3 XHP35

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With 2100 lumens, this flashlight provides a range of light of up to 192 meters. TIR optics provides side illumination that does not cause discomfort, minimizes light loss and is efficient.

The materials of which the flashlight is made are not afraid of bumps, scratches and even falls from a height of 10 meters. The model withstands a 10-meter dip in water, fall in the mud, use in the rain. It is controlled by a button on the side, which is very convenient.

  • Resistant to any harsh conditions;
  • Waterproof housing;
  • Good LED life;
  • Temperature and charge indication;
  • Versatility.
  • Fast battery life.

A good choice for those looking for a handy, versatile and reliable flashlight for the toughest environments.

#9 Olight PL-2RL Baldr

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The underbar flashlight with laser pointer produces a luminous flux of 1200 lm with a range of 235 meters. The device is protected against damage and is not afraid of accidental dropping. The light can be on continuously, in tactical mode or as a strobe light.

The maximum light mode changes to a lower power after 90 seconds to save power. Comes with two 1600 mAh batteries, a hex, a bar adapter and 2 bolts.

  • Powered by CR123A batteries – included;
  • Quick-release mount;
  • Durable acrylic TIR optics;
  • Convenient for left- or right-handed people;
  • Polarity reversal protection.
  • You need to use a tool to adjust the pointer.

This model will allow for sighting shots in the dark.

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Best compact flashlights

Miniature flashlights are easy to carry in your pocket. They are enough for simple tasks – find something in a dark pantry, get a key into a lock or get safely home at night.

#10 Fenix E18R Cree XP-L HI

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Modern waterproof flashlight with simple operation and pleasant design. The basis is an LED, which works continuously in the selected brightness from 5 to 750 lm. In the handy large button to control the modes, there is a built-in diode indicator of the charge level. If necessary, the button can be locked.

The flashlight is charged via a magnetic port, a cable is included. The body is protected from moisture, dust and falls from a meter high, as well as can be immersed in water to a depth of 2 meters without consequences.

  • Illumination distance of 136 meters;
  • Stroboscope mode;
  • The energy-saving function;
  • Interesting design;
  • Thermal controller.
  • One-sided clip.

This is a thing for everyday use that you can take with you everywhere. The included clip allows you to hang it on a keychain.

#11 SureFire Titan (TITAN-A)

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Flashlight in keychain format with ultra-compact size has an anodized aluminum housing, so it is not afraid of scratches and bumps. The maximum light intensity is 125 lm, the minimum – 15 lm, which is quite enough for everyday use. The device is powered by AAA batteries.

  • Lightweight (only 25 grams) and durable;
  • Pleasant light;
  • Budget price.
  • The need for frequent battery replacement.

This flashlight is not suitable for a hike or a long night walk, but is quite useful in normal household situations.

BONUS: Best Self-Fefence Flashlight

#1 J5 Tactical V1-PRO Self-Fefence Flashlight

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The ultimate flash torch models; fully equipped LED tactical flashlight with a police-grade lighting screen. This is what you need when you are in the heat of the action. When you buy a tactical defense flashlight, you don’t know exactly what type of scenario you will need it for. That’s why they are designed for everything, and the Vaxiner is no exception. When you test the 1 million volt paralyzing gun, you can actually hear the electricity crack in the air.

Made of aeronautical-grade aluminum and equipped with a carrying case, Vaxiner offers you everything you need to be on the defensive. You do not need to carry spare batteries; you can recharge them for long-term use and operate them immediately. J5 Tactical V1-PRO is the ideal device for densely populated cities; you never know what awaits us, and the element of surprise can be the scariest. Never be caught off guard again with the ultimate all-in-one flashlight for self-defence. Blind and stun your enemies, take a clean getaway, and always have a charge to illuminate the way back.


  • brand J5 Tactical
  • model V1-Pro Black
  • Weight of the device 90.7 g

#2 WOWTAC A7 Self-Defence Flashlight

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You are looking for a self defense flashlight for these specific situations that we all hope will not happen. However, you are a preparer, and you want to be ready for anything. We don’t blame you. It is the flashlight of self-defence to put an end to all your worries. Chosen by our editor-in-chief, the tactical flashlight at WOWTAC A7 is unparalleled. You get a 100,000 hour bulb, which means even if you used it every minute of the day and never turned it off, you would have more than 11 years of continuous use. At most, you may need to replace the bulb once in your life.

This tactical flashlight is so powerful that it is prohibited (for shipping) in a number of states. Let’s get to the fact: you want to repel an aggressor, or at least stun him. The light is so powerful that it will disrupt signals from the aggressor’s brain and go directly to his muscles. The attacker in question will have no choice but to kneel down and make his infamous efforts ineffective. It’s more than enough time to escape without leaving a trace. Even after your attack rises, they would be completely disoriented for some time to come, and the last thing they would have in mind would be to submit again to this level of dizziness. If the attacker approaches close enough to touch, a simple contact will emit a shock and make them fall with the power of a Taser pistol.


  • brand WOWTAC A7
  • Weight 105g

#3 Ledeak XM-L2 Self-Defence Flashlight

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It is one of the most powerful models of self-defense torches on the market. Just browse the Internet to find reviews of self-defense flashlights to get the extreme personal defense police flashlight, it’s that excellent, and well known. Let’s dive into some of the features.

The crippling option for this self-defense flashlight is nothing funny. It is very impactful, and users wonder about its overall strength and power. With a standard 100,000-hour bulb, you can enjoy this flashlight for more than 20 years of frequent use, and up to 50 years of infrequent use. A truly impressive feature of this tactical self-defense flashlight is the all-metal frame designed to break the glass and allow you to escape any hairy situation. It is a bridge between police and military-grade flashlights and paralytic pistols, but still available for civilian purchase and use. It’s a tactical self-defense flashlight that you really need to get your hands on it.


  • brand Ledeak
  • Weight 113 grams

#4 FAGORY Self-Defence Flashlight

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The good folks at FAGORY wanted you to know how powerful this tactical flashlight is to such an extent that they included a video on how to effectively use their tactical self-defense flashlight with a paralyzing gun on potential attackers, making their efforts completely useless. It’s not just about energy, you don’t need to use batteries for this bad boy, and you are completely safe to carry this self-defence flashlight without any worries.

This tactical flashlight also comes with a strap, belt clip, case and the FAGORY warranty that protects your back no matter what. Depending on your preferences or situation, you can use LED night vision to illuminate any path under bright white light, strong and even weaker light, or the strobe effect to maneuver quickly while avoiding any person or object that could attack you in nature.

  • brand FAGORY
  • model EU-18
  • Weight 125g

#5 Smith & Wesson Self-Defence Flashlight

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So it’s not a tactical flashlight or conventional self-defence, and that’s what makes it so ingenious. We all know Smith & Wessoni, this Smith & Wesson their famous products throughout American history. We also know that they can run anything, and they did it again, but this time in a water-resistant tactical pen. It is the perfect solution for campers, hikers and fishermen who want to stay alert and ready for the worst-case scenarios, but without having to take military equipment.

This combination of tactical pen and self-defence flashlight is made of anodized aluminum, making it safe to fall a few feet without having to dismember any of the components. Simply turn the ON/OFF switch to use all the effects of the tactical flashlight, which is particularly easy with diamond knurling for a better grip. It also does not fear the necessary functions that make it the ideal flashlight for self-defence. You get a sharp tip to break the glass, or use it as a last-minute weapon to defend yourself. Whatever your need, this Smith &; Wesson flashlight for self-defence is optimal for every use.


  • brandSmith & Wesson Accessories
  • modelKH3D0BU
  • Weight of the device 160gr

#6 Brennenstuhl 1178720 Lux-Power Self-Defence Flashlight

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You’re not mistaken, it’s the same “As Seen on TV” model, but now they’ve taken Amazon to offer lower prices. Hailed as one of the cheapest tactical and self-defence flashlights on the market, Brennenstuhl 1178720 Lux-Power offers you excellent lighting effects without breaking the bank, and an all-aluminum frame for a solid construction. It comes with two flashlights for the price of one, and each is pocket size. You still have enough power to disorient your attackers, while being able to use them for practical purposes.


  • brand Brennenstuhl
  • model 1178720
  • Weight of the device 200 g

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